Friday, April 29, 2011

Q Fanatic

I stopped at Q Fanatic for lunch on April 6, 2011. I was planning on walking around downtown Champlin and check out the antique stores and other shops since it was really nice out that day. However, I soon discovered that there are not many exciting places to eat in Champlin other than the usual fast food chain places, so I stopped in at Q Fanatic.

My husband and I have eaten here a few times before since we really like rib joints. Since I was not overly hungry I skipped the ribs this time and went with the sliced brisket sandwich. I got the vodka sauce with it as you get to choose a sauce with it. I had read the vodka sauce was great, but I was really impressed with how flavorful it was. It is a thin sauce, but it has a lot of flavor, spice and bite to it. I plan to order it next time I have ribs here as well. The sandwich bread was brushed with butter and pretty good as well. The meat was very tender with some fat on the edges, but that made it even better. 

I did not use any discount coupons on this trip, but Q Fanatic has a punch card in the Metro Dining Club, which is good monthly (buy one entree, get one free, up to $8) and the are also in the Twin Cities Happenings/Entertainment book (buy one entree, get one free, up to $8). 

Q Fanatic

180 Miller Rd., 
Champlin, MN 55316
Phone: 763.323.6550

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be’Wiched Deli

Oh how I love Be 'Witched deli. I have been here many times and the food is always great. I usually prefer a warm lunch and don't care for sandwiches all that much, but Be 'Witched had changed my mind. This photo is from a recent lunch time visit. I had the combo meal with half a roast beef sandwich and the pasta salad. 

On other visits I have tried the ham sandwich, pastrami sandwich and the italian hero. I don't think their menu descriptions do the sandwiches justice. They are much more complicated than they seem at first glance. Plus I love that they smoke/roast all of the meats in house. It smells like a butcher shop in there many times. Probably not a great place for vegetarians for that reason alone, though they do offer several vegetarian selections. 

Also, I have to admit, this place made me try tuna for the first time. I ordered the pasta salad not knowing what was in it and I tried the tuna not knowing what it even was. Yum. Yum. I eat tuna now. Who knew fresh tuna was so great. I thought all tuna was like that nasty, stinky canned tuna! So now I eat sushi too since I was inspired to try it after eating the Be'Witched pasta salad. But that is for another post. 

Be 'Witched offers a punch card and after you buy nine sandwiches you get the tenth free. They used to be in the Blue Sky guide as well, (now called the Chinook Book) and are again for 2011, with a buy one sandwich get the second 50% off. 

Be’Wiched Deli
800 Washington Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401
T: 612.767.4330

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My first post

Well, I am not sure if I have anything of note to say, or if anyone will ever read this, but I may as well give blogging a try since it is something I have been pondering for quite some time now. Plus I have a lot of spare time since I have been laid off for awhile now. Maybe if I start blogging, suddenly I will get a job and not have time for blogging anymore. Let's hope it works that way anyway.

Starting out, you will be seeing lots of posts on local dining destinations, since we can't travel right now. (To my great dismay.)

I'd also like to point out when we use discounts or coupons of note, since that is frequently an important part of our decision making process, it has to be for others. Maybe in the process we can figure out which places that offer frequent discounts are actually worth the trip and worth returning to.

Also, feel free to offer feedback or suggestions!